Rose PMT | Massage Therapist Evans & Greeley CO | Rose's Professional Massage Therapy
Rose Esparza of Rose's Professional Massage Therapy is a trusted massage therapist serving the Evans & Greeley CO community. Visit this page to learn more about her professional massage therapy.
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About Me

I’m Rose Esparza with Rose’s Professional Massage Therapy.

I’m Rose Esparza with Rose’s Professional Massage Therapy. A licensed Massage therapist in Colorado and certified in geriatric massage. Specializing in therapeutic muscle work, deep tissue, trigger point, hot stones and stress relieve.

Committed to integrity, compassion and excellent customer care.

Education: Steiner Education Group, Denver School of Massage Therapy, Professional Massage Therapy Program. 815.5 total hours. Additional certification in Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot massage, and other WMC certifications.

Strong belief in the miracle of stress release and its effect on muscles.

I am involved in Massage Therapy through a special calling which came about through the study of essential oils. I loved using essential oils and knew that for them to really be effective I would have to learn to use them through massage therapy. After starting my training at the Denver School of Massage Therapy I found that I really loved the hands-on work. This led to my retirement from the oil and gas industry. This was a big leap of faith, but Massage Therapy has proven to be the most rewarding job I have ever had, it gives me the opportunity to follow God’s calling, witness healing through the power of touch, and experience the joy when a client shares their stories of increased mobility in their body.


I grew up in rural north eastern SD, Attended the University in Aberdeen, SD 2 years before transferring to UNC in Greeley, CO where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in 1980. I remained in CO, love reading, cooking, and am just beginning to experience the joy of daily bike riding. My ‘soul’ goal is to make the world a little better for each and every person brought into my life.


In March 2015 I opened my second massage clinic at the Good Samaritan Senior Campus (Bonell) in Greeley, CO. I am honored and blessed to be working with these seniors.